One of the greatest paradoxes in life is this: the more we learn, the more we realize there is to know. No matter how much we have already learned, the infinite unknown beckons us to expand our conceptions of the world and seek out our own truth. My own love of learning propels my ambition to teach. In this way, I challenge students to capitalize on every opportunity to learn and reflect on their own interests beyond the context of the classroom. (READ MORE...).


At Clemson

POSC 1990: Introduction to Political Science

POSC 1040: Introduction to Comparative Politics

POSC 3710: European Politics

POSC 3750: European Integration

POSC 4470: International Law (A Clemson Thinks 2 course.)

POSC 4990: Professional Development in Political Science

POSC 3050: Creative Inquiry #971--Surveying Political Attitudes & Identities

POSC 3050: Creative Inquiry #967--Tracking Political Attitudes in Latin America (with Steve Miller)

POSC 3050: Creative Inquiry #1259--Assessing the EU's Influence


POLS 131: Current World Problems

PSCI 4302: European Union Politics